Local Bliss, The Birdcage, Stellenbosch.

Local Restaurant

My friends and I, being culinary students are always looking to broaden our taste buds and try something new, local and exciting. Today we visited a local restaurant called the Birdcage. Located in a quaint, hidden yet easily accessible courtyard in the heart of Stellenbosch, making one feel as if you have left the busy town life and entered into a different world. Along side the Eerste river that runs through the town, it gives a unique and tranquil feel to the already beautiful, new shop. Owned by Shanel, Beate and Karin who started their establishment in January 2012.

The Birdcage offers a range of breakfast dishes, light lunches and all sorts of cakes and sweet things to indulge in. With its two-story setting, it is a place for people to meet and have friendly service. The feeling I experienced was a calm, friendly and welcoming one.

I ordered the French toast with blue cheese and bacon, costing only R45, it is one that I would definitely come back for. Salty, crisp bacon drizzled with a sweet syrup complimented the creamy blue cheese, a cappuccino that was a cup of heaven, which I order two of, by the way, set my morning off to a good start.



So if you’re in the area and looking for something new, this will definitely tickle your taste buds.

For more details, you can visit their website/ blog:


And that’s just my opinion…


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